#1 ERPNext Features That Make
Sales Growth Faster 99%

Cloud/Onsite ERP offers everything you need Sales CRM, Order Management,

Financial Accounting, Manufacturing & Production, HR & Payroll ,Projects & Service,

Retail POS & Ecommerce With WhatsApp Integration , Email, SMS 



360 degree Customer View Drill down Charts & Dashboard



360 degree Customer View Drill down Charts, Dashboard, Custom Reports, Charts , BI


ErpNext Whatsapp integration

360 degree Customer View Drill down Charts, Dashboard, Custom Reports, Charts , BI

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GET A WHATSAPP integrated ErpNext

Take control of your Sales ,See all potential customers in your Sales CRM pipeline

  • Stay organized with profiles for each customer
  • Label potential customers with tags
  • Personalized email & WhatsApp templates
  • Send emails & WhatsApp messages automatic
  • WhatsApp chatbot with AI intention detection
  • Share WhatsApp access with the whole team
  • Assign a responsible user to each lead
  • Build loyalty and upsell with WhatsApp CRM follow-ups  Close Deals On Expected Close Date
  • Lead Journey nurture and follow-up sequences
  • Give Alert to SalesUser For Auto Follow-up Task/Calls

We can help you in your Business Growth software to run your business

ERPNext Implementation We Can Offer

CRM, Sales & Purchase

✓ Leads/Opportuity/Customers/Contacts/Vendor ✓ Request for Quotation ✓ RFQ Comparison ✓ Sales Quotation ✓ Quotation to Order Conversion ✓ Order Confirmation / Sales Order ✓ Purchase Order ✓ Inward & Quality Inspection Register ✓ Packing List

Services, Helpdesk Maintenance

✓ Inventory History ✓ Mutiple Stores & Warehouse ✓ Minimum Stock Level ✓ Maximum Stock Level ✓ Multiple UOM ✓ Physical Stock Reconciliation ✓ Inventory Valuation (FIFO, Average) ✓ Inventory Rejected / Dead Stock ✓ Barcode

Emails & Workflow Alerts & Whatsapp Alert

As a salesperson, emails are essential for engaging with your leads, and customers. Our CRM helps you write more powerful and personalized content by combining emails

Process Management

Does your sales team know what to do at each stage in your pipeline? With Blueprints, your sales team can find out the next move to make at any moment. Define your sales process for your whole team

Manufacturing, Production & Distribution

✓ Multi-Level Bill of Materials (BOM) ✓ BOM Costing (FIFO, Avg, Latest, Default) ✓ Process Routing ✓ Scrap Tracking ✓ Work Order ✓ Finished Goods Testing ✓ Line Rejection Tracking Quality ✓ Outsourcing / Sub-Contract

Projects & Asset Management

Work From Home is the future. While sales teams across the world are moving towards increased remote working capabilities, we recognize that managing a sales team stays productive wherever they are

Erpnext IndiaMart Integration & Industries Use

✓ Create Auto lead from Indiamart into Erpnext ✓ Services ✓ Manufacturing ✓ Retail ✓ Distribution ✓ Education ✓ Non - Profit ✓ Agriculture ✓ Healthcare ✓ Treader ✓ Hotel ✓ Transportation

Reports Chart Dashboard

In depth Sales analytics to help you make smarter business decisions to monitor every aspect of your sales cycle. Create customized dashboards for sales, such as charts, target Meet KPIs, and funnels

Accounting, HR & Payroll

✓ GST Invoices (B2B / B2C) ✓ Multipal GST Numbers ✓ Multipal Company ✓ E-Way Bill ✓ Credit / Debit Note ✓ Account Receivable ✓ Account Payable ✓ Debtor / Creditor Ageing Report ✓ Counter Party Ledger ✓ Advance Reciept ✓ QR/BarCode

Retail, POS Inventory , Ecommerce Website

The sales enablement tool every team needs You can't just rely on your sales team's motivation to win deals. You have to empower them with the right sales tools. Spend less time trying to win each deal.

Erpnext WhatsApp Bot & Massage

Automate sales and support via WhatsApp Chatbot Broadcast Template Messages Engage with your customers on their Leads, Sales, Support Cross Sell Upsell updates, delivery reminders, payment reminders Boost Your Sales

Easy Customization

Every business is unique, & your ERP Software should reflect that Combine various features to mold your ERP to fit your business the information you collect, the way you view your information, can be customized to suit your needs