#1 User Friendly CRM Services

Marketing Automation

Web Lead Capture,Multi-Channel Campaigns Lead Capture,Email Marketing,Leads Conversion,Leads Analytics,Lead Reports, API Integration

Sales Force Automation

Lead Distribution to Sales Ececutive, Lead Convert 2 Opportunity Orders, Customers,Teams Sales Quotes Invoice,Products Sales Reports Dasbhoard

Role of CRM in Customer Support/Service

After Sales Customer Case /Ticket Management Contracts/AMC,Self-Service Portal Knowledgebase Bug Tracking,Resolution Alert to Customer

Sales Activity Automation

Follow Up With Calendar,Calls,Meeting/Visits Tasks,Projects Documents Google Calendar Integration, Activity Folloup Alert to Executive

Email & Worlflow Automation

Integrating your e-mail inbox Manage Incoming & Outgoing Email Folders & Templets Schedule Emails Campaign,Reports Case/Ticket from Email

Sales Dashboard & Reports

Custom MIS Reposts/Charts for Sales Analytics,Schedule Reports in Excel/Pdf,Database Query Reports,Sales Pipelines,More

#1 Callcenter IVR Services

Telephony/IVR/Call Center Software

Setup Your Own Local Or Cloud Telephony Server With Mobile SIM GSM Dialer Calling Or PRI Line Save Money, Avoide Big Telephone Bill & Recoard Call, Incoming & Missed Call Report

CRM Integration With IVR/Call Popup

Click-to-dial and screen pop capabilities integrate directly into your CRM or Helpdesk so that your team has the information they need at all times. Get All Calls Report From CRM

Accounting Integration With Tally

Manage Invoice from CRM to Tally,Link Tally Ledger to CRM,Sync Latest Closing Balance of Ledger from tally to CRM Create/Update Sales Order/Sales Voucher From CRM to Tally


Amazing Features

#1 Responsive CRM Design

CRM Can be Access from Any Device Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet, iPad

User Friendly View

All CRM buyers want their new systems to be “user-friendly” it helps to sales Executive to Manage There Sales Data.

Easy to Use 4 Ececutive

Easy CRM is Key for successful CRM implementation, that adopt Executive.

Customise Way U Want

One of the best things about ECRM is how easy it is to customize, modify exactly as you want for Business

Integrate Your Application

Our API is open for Thrid Party Integration Telephony,ERP,Accounting .

Admin Interface Tools

Screen Customization,Studio,Report Designer, Apps & Module Creator

Mobile CRM View

How it works

1)Ecrm Works in 5 Simple Steps:In Every Company Marketing department will do Marketing Campaign For Generating Enquiry/Leads by using different lead source Like Website / Email / Newspaper / Direct Call.
2)Once Lead Is Enter into CRM, Your Can assign Lead to your Sales Executive to work on Lead and Do Some Activity Like Schedule Call , Send Email, Meeting , Send Proposal etc all activity will be Store into history.
3)Once Lead is qualified it will convert in to sales Opportunity Or Sales Order and Manage Activity Like Sending Quotation, Invoice till Sales Order is Close.
4)Once Order Is Close Account Department will follow-ups for payment once payment is done he will give Task to Dispatch Department to Deliver the Order.
5)Once Order deliver Customer Support executive will Give Support to Product, Services & Solutions


Our ECRM Benefits

360 Degree Customer View from all Devices, Unlimited Custom Reports & Dashboard, Query Base Reports, Scheduled Reports In Email Inbox Daily Weakly Monthly. All Sales Activity,Folloup, Reminder Email Alert

We Provide free Upto 20 Users. After that minimum Cost per/user as you Grow, Which is not more as you make profit from Your Customers, Fill Happy to Use ECRM Services For UR Business to Track Sales Executive from Anywhere
Increase productivity by automating key aspects of the sales cycle. Make informed, profitable business decisions based on accurate visibility into the sales pipeline. Segment your sales opportunities by account manager, region, or status. Analyze and track performance of individuals and teams.
Single repository for customer information captured across the organization. Useful for corporate’s having multiple location Offices. Automate several key workflow tasks such as request routing,acknowledging request, notifications

Why ECRM is the best

If You Have Business Then Use Ecrm Bcos No software solution that you purchase is made to fit you out of the box. That is why big companies spend Lots of Money to implement solutions. ECRM Make Simple implimentation that has inherent features like studio and module builder which help in doing basic customization by drag and drop feature Custom Modules, Custom Reports Graphs Charts.

Clients Feedback

Why Your Business Needs CRM

You need CRM to make your business more efficient and increase your revenue per employee. You need CRM to create repeatable successful processes. You need a CRM because we (and your competitors) are looking for competitive advantage in a multi-channel customer environment. You need to capture the interest of customers that are increasingly sophisticated and are ignoring the old methods we used to market and sell to them. You need a CRM to look into your near future and be predictive of your revenue. You need CRM to mitigate the risk and costs of staff turnover. You need CRM to engage in a cycle of continuous improvement. You need CRM for your business to survive

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Frequently Asked Questions

CRM is a collection of manual and automated activities across multiple channels that result in a lead or opportunity.CRM Is Use 2 acquire leads from your website, from email campaigns, bring them in from seminars, webinars, conferences, or trade-shows and send the leads directly to your salespeople. You can assign leads to reps immediately in order to catch the customer.
CRM software centralizes all the data pertaining to your current and future customers, so that your team may remain on top of their tasks. Agents will be able to log accounts of customer purchases, calls, emails, chats, support tickets, etc. This way, no detail of a customer’s relationship with your business will slip through the cracks.
For a new business, it might seem nonsensical to invest in Customer Relationship Management software before you even have customers. However, when it comes to regulating customer interaction and lead conversion, spreadsheets won’t cut it for long. Without the proper software, your sales staff will have a harder time following up on leads and staying on top of customers. The worst part is, you won’t even know about the business you’re missing out on.
If your sales team needs help being better organized and working as a unit, then a CRM can help as well. The foremost advantage of a CRM solution is that it accompanies your sales team throughout the entire process of acquiring a lead, converting it into a customer, and closing subsequent opportunities. It’s right there in the name: a CRM will streamline the management of customer relationships.
Improve your customer service, Reduce customer churn, Keep your data secure, Better understand and refine your sales process, Help your team become better organized and more efficient, Allow your team to work remotely, Develop a more effective lead generation strategy, Having definite short- and long-term goals and objectives will help you select the right CRM software, then use it to your advantage.

Our CRM is Used for All INDUSTRIES

Ecrm apps Increase Sales Productivity

Post by Vikram VP MARKETING & SALES at 04 May, 2017

Real-time insight into the performance of your sales team is the only way you can solve execution issues and take the necessary steps to iterate and improve your sales process. Read More

Best for All Small, Medium, Enterprises

Post by Mr Sunil Head MARKETING & SALES at 04 May, 2018

With ECRM you benefit from CRM products that improve customer management processes across business areas helping you to build long-lasting customer relationships. Whether you work in Marketing, Sales or Services Read More

Best for Real Estate,Insurance,Finance

Posted by admin at 04 May, 2017

A CRM for every task, Your whole business,Management,Sales,Marketing,Service & Support,Project management,Administration Read More

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